The Re-Education of the African American Child "In Today's School System"


Few would argue that today's school system fails many African American students. Close studies of the problem have been made. Accusations of who to blame for the problems abound, but few if any propose a solutions to this issue. Meanwhile, children across this country are denied the chance to develop their skills and explore their true potential. How many doctors have we lost? How many scientist, artist or engineers?

This book lays out a step by step plan to help African American children get the education they deserve to reach their full potential - a process that benefits not only individual children but also the nation as a whole.


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Outcome Constructed Dialogue


Outcome Constructed Dialogue is the  dialogue that we must have with our teachers and administrator  to prevent the conversation turning crucial, greatly reduces the write-up process and practically eliminates having to place our teachers and administrators on professional growth plans. 

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