Outcome Constructed Dialogue


Teacher Retention

Roughly  a half  million teachers either move or leave the teaching profession each year. Teacher turnover cost taxpayers and school districts in the United States 2.2 billion dollars annually. High teacher turnover rate disproportionately affects high-poverty schools and seriously compromises the United States capacity to ensure that all students have access to well-prepared and skilled teachers.  Teacher retention is essential to student achievement, high-performing campuses and campus safety. 


The Impact of High Teacher Turnover

High teacher turnover - not only hits taxpayers and school districts in the wallet, but our students and school pay the real price. High teacher turnover has a direct impact on low-student achievement, low-performing schools, failing schools. and until we address the issue of high teacher turnover, school safety will continue to be a topic of national concern. 


The Answer

Outcome Constructed Dialogue is the dialogue that we have with our teachers and administrators that prevent the conversation becoming crucial, greatly reduces the write-up process, and solves our teacher effectiveness concerns long before we place teachers and administrators on growth plans! Outcome Constructed Dialogue will save our taxpayers and school districts millions of dollars by reducing teacher turnover.